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Basic Life Sense

I always thought of starting my own Earth moving equipment business. My idea is very simple. I raise capital somehow and then start leasing out the equipment. Business is all about making money work. One should always keep in mind that business might make you rich but not necessarily fulfill your potential as an engineering graduate (I am one). The business itself might not be as glamorous as a less paying reputable job. You might be aware of the famous samosa forward in whats app.
           For example, take my own business idea of Earth moving equipment. I have to calculate a lot of things in prior to get the number of trips and the charge per trip in order to make profit. Assuming everything goes well and I get a lot of money on every trip but in the end I will be the guy who leases out some jumbo monster trucks but the thing I like is to drive them, anyway that’s another story. Once the money flows in making it work is another task. For that you invest the money on ne…