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Happy Birthday to my dearest childhood friend

Happy birthday to you
Sing a song, it wins at Grammy!
Cause you are a gifted singing baby.
Make a wish, it comes to life!
Cause you are a pure hearted baby.
Dream a dream, it's the world to your mother!
Cause you are her cute sleeping baby.
Take a bite, it's means the world to your father!
Cause you are his sweet picky baby.
Make a move, it's the only viral thing online!
Cause you are little dancing baby.
Cook a dish, it tastes the best!
Cause you are eager cooking baby.
Run a race,you are the first!
Cause you are an adorable running baby.
Write a poem, it sounds amazing!
Cause you are fiery writing baby.
Do anything, it's special today!
Cause you are just born today.
Hope you enjoyed reading my poem. I would like to say many many happy returns of the day. Have a great day.