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Ill fated angel Part 3/3

Next day morning the kids woke up at uncle axe’s home and kept thinking about women, control, husband, widow, wars. In the evening they asked uncle axe to help them with a plan to prevent a war. Uncle axe suggested that there used to be a system where there were no widows. Kids were more than impressed by uncle axe’s wisdom and thanked him for the suggestion he made to prevent their mother from getting lusted. Both of the twins got apparently brainwashed by uncle axe and finally made the decision to eliminate the probable war that might arise from their mother.
Uncle axe along with the twins planned the event and he requested the twins to do it without pain and asked them spare some time before they do it. Finally axe man openly declared his feelings towards her while her sons were waiting with two sharpened axes at the entrance for uncle axe to come out. Uncle axe offered her two choices either to marry him and live happily forever as his second wife or get killed by her sons to reach…

Ill fated angel Part 2/3

Few years passed by and the peasant got addicted to alcohol. Quarrels and fights became daily routine for the couple. Over the years his two sons used to stay more at the axe man’s home than at their home. They were 17 years old and their mother was around 32 years old at the time of farmer’s death. He was found dead in the fields during a rainy night when he went for saving the farm from flooding. Everyone assumed that he died of natural health issues and paid final respects to him. But some of the other farmers felt that he got murdered as he was sound as a thunder till the death. Strangely kids noticed few persons they had never seen before. To their surprise they were moving around the house and receiving people at some peak times. In the midst of all this crisis the twins found a poison bottle in the kitchen. Fumed with grief and anger they questioned their mother about it. She replied in a bitter tone that she attempted to kill herself but couldn’t do so, as it will result in de…

Ill fated angel Part 1/3

Long ago there lived a poor peasant in a village near another village in the great Indian sub-continent. It was a time where inter-caste marriages were prevalent. Luckily he got married to a lady from a prosperous family who is significantly younger to the farmer. Peasant was raised in a poor family and looks very lean but very keen at taking care of his health. His savior, his wife looked like an angel. She is six feet tall, thick black hair which goes all the way down till hips. Her eyes resembled that of a loyal dog and she got the strength of a bull. She used to win arm wrestling with her brothers all the time. She used to be every man’s wet dream. Peasant is no longer poor, he got hefty dowry from his wife. The couple built their dream house rite at the center of the farm which used to be ploughed by the lonely thin peasant. Everything was more than fine till the day an axe seller came to their house. Those were the days only men should go to work and women must stay at home taki…