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A Sweet Chronicle-1/5

Why should I write? I started writing so that it will be a pleasure to read after few years, when I am old, dying alone. Sitting in my recliner in this congested paying guest room writing about just another tiresome day from work. As usual most of my colleagues ignored me and the rest heckled me. My day started with a delayed meeting as my boss got jammed in traffic as I am in this conference room with my colleagues. After waiting for few minutes I thought of leaving for breakfast assuming that the meeting will be cancelled or at least delayed. But I picked up newspaper and as usual it is filled with articles about black money, corruption and stress management and its effects on health. I was surprised to know that I am stressed but unaware of it. Just when I finished reading the article and about to leave, the boss walked in. I looked at boss through the space between my eye brows and reading glasses grunting in mind my breakfast order. I left my glasses hanging around my neck for the rest of meeting. The meeting continued over the lunch hour and I missed to have lunch on time. I am already feeling crazy. Finally, after 2 more hours the meeting is adjourned. Although the doc prescribed not to miss the food timings, I couldn’t make it because of my poor work life balance. The worst part is I do love my job but I cannot even think of liking the work atmosphere, they are not meant for a person like me. Its complete chaos the only things that can be easily found in the office are walls as they cannot be moved. Working in this futuristic floating bed technology firm is very exciting but I feel my skills are old-fashioned and novice in comparison to the kids joining the firm.
I am a 36-year-old diabetic pulling 80 hour weeks for a startup in a new city. Added to this I do not even have any real friends. All I have is visiting cards of colleagues from places I worked. My social life is so crippled that I couldn’t even attend my family get together. My parents wouldn’t speak to me because they are mad at me for not attending family meetings and my siblings do not even know what I do for a living. I live as a paying guest at a penthouse with a family. I live in a 36 sft congested square room with a recliner, bed and fan. Despite diabetes my eyesight is perfect, but it’s turning dark and dizzy. I thought of getting out of the recliner but couldn’t move and it’s completely dark. I can’t see a thing!
I should have eaten something after coming from work was my last thought before I gained conscious again or at least I thought I was conscious. From morning till evening, in my free time I live in my own dreamy world. A world without borders. A world where people treat everyone equally. I am no psychic but I do a lot of time travel daily. I took my bike 

and started searching for a wormhole so that I could go to some planet with life. Finally, after a lot of search I entered a wormhole and I landed on the top of a high raise building in front of the terrace door. The sky is black and I could not see any stars. I got down and switched my bike to stealth mode. I walked towards the parapet wall and saw a lot of vehicles floating above a crowded road. Surprisingly in this planet everything is floating except for the land. Suddenly I heard someone coming through the terrace door behind me. I could see two persons approaching me. They looked very tall and their dresses are glowing bright white. As they approached me, I couldn’t see anymore. One of them asked me where I was pushed from. I pointed towards my bike and they laughed at me and pushed me from behind. I stumbled upon the parapet and falling down from the floating building. My heartbeat is raising and suddenly a vehicle flew just by me and I am able to get hold of it. It landed me near a building ‘Public transport’ on the land. I thought of taking the tram and I climbed up the wall since there are no stairs. I went in and asked for ticket and in reply she asked for my working id proof which I have but its obsolete in the year 3716. So I climbed down and walked towards a restaurant across the street. There was a huge queue and as I was waiting in the huge queue for entering into restaurant, a dog comes over the restaurant shakes it tail and its given entry despite the queue.


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