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One Word 'Soap' - 20 minutes

Soap is a waxy looking material used for bathing along with water. There are some other types of soaps like detergent soaps, medical purpose soaps, animal soaps. All the above soaps are majorly available in two major states, solid and liquid. Solid soaps are mostly in the shape of a bar where as liquid soaps are available in bottles.The supply of soaps is majorly dependent on the following major factors, quality, quantity, cost per unit.
                The quality factor involves a lot of crucial parameters like fragrance, solubility, density, weight, packaging, dimensions and the amount of lather it produces. Each factor can be seen as a separate entity of a manufacturing unit. The most easiest way to decide on the parameters is to start by taking a survey from a hefty set of people from various sectors of the economy. Also soap industry requires quiet a bit of reliable initial investment and huge space.
                Once the ergonomic details are collected from …