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Good and Bad

What’s good, what’s bad? Looks pretty deep to me. I don’t know how deep I am in this weird dilemma of separating the both. Separate? Why should anyone do that? In any case no one’s ever can see your existing definitions except for your actions which might rely on your definitions. What actions, what definitions, no matter what the decision making process in your life will never cease. Only thing to keep in mind is when there is no place for good, good means bad. For ages, the definitions or judgments whether a particular aspect is to be considered either good or bad is always dependent on the then existing society. Take for example the most common thing known to most people, terrorism. Terrorists attack against things that they think will harm people or they might work for their own benefits. The interesting aspect to look here is they are dying or killing for their own belief, in which they believe in. That’s what you or I is doing. That’s the main reason you wake up every day and s…