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GOD. Who is he/she/it? Is it a power that runs this world from another distinct world. Scientists were not able to make an assumption whether time started just after big bang or along with it and so on so forth. The point to note here is the science today we have is nothing but a gigantic collection of observations and then recorded facts along with some experimentation and documentation. The inexplicable and unexplained are to be taken as an act of GOD. So GOD does play a role in day to day life? Well you know what, it depends on how you define your GOD. The definition of GOD is as simple as “belief”. A belief which can be related closely to hope is what makes the powerful art and thought of survival. Another simpler way to look at it is you sleep tonight and just before you actually sleep you might have to do list for tomorrow by making an assumption that you will be alive and tonight goes happily with abundant of rest for a fresh yourself. But that assumption you made is on a subco…