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The One girl

I met her few years back, to be more precise I saw her from a distance. Just the glance of her face made me wonder how creative God can be. The moment I made an eye contact with her I felt, I was in another world. She is speaking to me about something and I was just nodding my head and she left. Later I realized that she is enquiring about some department block. I entered my class and I saw this beautiful girl who was very pretty with cute eyes wearing contact lens. But nothing happened, I mean I spoke to her, made an eye contact and nothing. May be it happens only once in few months, I thought. But unfortunately it never occurred again till date. May be it happens with only one person. Or whatever as if I care, there’s a lot of things to do. In the evening I was waiting for the bus and saw her again, and this time she looked even prettier. I wanted to go and ask her name and ended asking her bus timings which is written right beside me. Added to it I wear glasses and that’s it, I didn…