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Power of thought

What to write? Some say thoughts flow as they are jotted down. Really, is it so? So, only thing it takes to become a writer, who writes stuff and earns a living out of it is to move the lazy butt and reach out for a pen. Also paper, proper support are essential. So now the difference between a writer and a guy like me is that surroundings of writer helps to tackle with writing for hours or even for days if required. Can I adjust my surroundings for writing like a writer? Oh, yes, I can! But how? I do not know what settings to opt for maximizing my writing skills. May be I will start with switching on the mosquito killer so that I can focus a bit more on what to write and how to write.                  Why should I write? What should I write? When should I write? Where should I write? These are some of the questions raised by my mind and it is waiting to let themselves clarified. All this process within a fraction of seconds, but lasts for a time interval which depend…