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The beginning

It all began in the year 2006. My home tuition master asked," what do you want to do ?", not knowing what to answer I said I wanted to be an IAS. Frankly, speaking I had no idea then what it is but it came up the moment the question was raised. May be the effect of movies which showed an ordinary man becoming an IAS and then saving the city at the end of day and live happily forever. My mother interfered and asked "oh is it ?, are you sure about it ?", I always think I should have said the first reply that came to my mind then, but logically since I already said the first thing that came up to my mind so this is the time for a second thought. So I said, I want to study in Delhi and simultaneously prepare for IAS. As unexpected it was she was very happy and she went back to her work. But there is this slight disturbance in my mind which kept saying why did you said so? Are you really gonna pursue it? I said to myself  "No way". I tried to be …