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A dream that had never come true Part 3/4

It was Tuesday morning and started off to work a bit early and to my surprise there was no traffic congestion anywhere and the roads looked spacious than ever. I decided to give my sweet ride a chance to see what it’s made of and started speeding insanely and was jumping signals. There was a spot on my way to office where people usually do drag racing and to my luck there was a nice ride waiting at the signal. So, I halted briefly and challenged the rider for a quarter mile and he said he wasn’t interested. While on the side of my ride a black Porsche with black tinted windows and stopped by and signaled to do a quarter mile by moving the car just ahead of my ride and waiting for the green signal. We started on the green light and there was a kid crossing the road, in order to save the kid I just tilted the power steering for a bit longer than required and the next thing I remember was huge sound echoing all around my ears.
Nurse whispering to doctor that it was a big tragic news on Wednesday and I was still on ventilator with partial consciousness. In the late afternoon I was able gain some strength and I saw someone was being surrounded by press reporters. The delusion of all the medication went off when the person turned out to be CF instead of my spouse. CF informed that everything was being taken care of and not to worry about anything. Out of huge bewilderment I queried CF, ‘Why you? Where is my spouse?’ and I received reply which I couldn’t digest in my entire life, ‘You had crashed into an electric pole on the median and it fell on a school bus filled with kids in the opposite lane killing all the 40 kids and three people on bus. Be strong now because your spouse was murdered by the angry mob’.
           I was unable to move because I am too weak but I am in complete conscious. Police came by and took statement from me and they stated that there was no Porsche in any cameras at the signal. Everyone was so angry at me but I feel that everyone is just lying and even the police. I strongly felt at that moment that CF was my only hope and only friend and the best friend I ever had. Although without CF I wouldn’t had anything to live for, but I felt CF was lying too. Added to it my past memories of pathetic lonely life was curving in front of eyes causing a lot of emotional distress and triggered a panic attack and I was unable stay conscious anymore and slid into a nap. I woke up after 11 hours and I still couldn’t move but I could feel all my limbs even I could sense the ant moving on my ankle. I realized that I could move, but maybe I was restrained by something.  I tried a bit hard and I was astonished to see that I was tied to the bed with legs folded backwards and I assumed that my hands might had been tied to the bedframe. 


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