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GOD. Who is he/she/it? Is it a power that runs this world from another distinct world. Scientists were not able to make an assumption whether time started just after big bang or along with it and so on so forth. The point to note here is the science today we have is nothing but a gigantic collection of observations and then recorded facts along with some experimentation and documentation. The inexplicable and unexplained are to be taken as an act of GOD.
So GOD does play a role in day to day life? Well you know what, it depends on how you define your GOD. The definition of GOD is as simple as “belief”. A belief which can be related closely to hope is what makes the powerful art and thought of survival. Another simpler way to look at it is you sleep tonight and just before you actually sleep you might have to do list for tomorrow by making an assumption that you will be alive and tonight goes happily with abundant of rest for a fresh yourself. But that assumption you made is on a subconscious scale. So deep inside you feel that everything will be fine. You do/do not that realize that the assumption you made is nothing but a hope. Let’s assume you have this strong gut feeling that something might go wrong tonight and you might  not having a very good tomorrow but what actually it might mean is that  deep inside you there’s a massive unrest which creates that set of unpleasant or anti survival kind of thoughts. But remember again some part of you says everything will be fine “I” will be okay. Again the reason for different mental attitudes consciously and unconsciously can be set of factors ranging from the food you intake to the job you do and your past, which interestingly has an impact on your present which will be your future past.
Let me summarize, what can be accepted is that GOD can be seen as belief/hope from within you and the way GOD acts is dependent on lot of factors involving your personal habits and past which significantly varies for each living individual. Apart from this there might be an interesting debate going on in your mind who is this “I”? This “I” questioning is very crucial in realizing an answer to what is GOD. Let’s say you are praying to GOD, what does it mean? You are repeating/repenting what you like to happen or what happened respectively. But to whom are you reporting, it is to that “I” you are doing all these prayers. So, irrespective of anything and everything as long as that “I” is satisfied, happy, healthy and pleasant on a subconscious level GOD will be with you and you will be the GOD.

The reason GOD being treated as a holy thing implies that it is your own subconscious that is being treated as a holy entity. The prayer you do will let you know your subconscious what’s up with you and what you are craving in this life. So, if you pray daily irrespective of the way you do it and the place you do it you are just letting yourself know what you want at a subconscious level which very important. The reason being subconscious important is that it gets involved in a lot of decision taking processes. Say for example you are singer and you like to eat something which spoils/effects your throat. There comes the subconscious making you feel as if you are taking an elusive conscious decision. If you want achieve something by singing and you pray for that the decision you take will not effect your throat. Not only prayer there might be some other ways to keep yourself being reminded on a subconscious level of what you want and what to do with your life. So in union of all the above thing is you are anything and everything. 


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