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A Sweet Chronicle-1/5

Why should I write? I started writing so that it will be a pleasure to read after few years, when I am old, dying alone. Sitting in my recliner in this congested paying guest room writing about just another tiresome day from work. As usual most of my colleagues ignored me and the rest heckled me. My day started with a delayed meeting as my boss got jammed in traffic as I am in this conference room with my colleagues. After waiting for few minutes I thought of leaving for breakfast assuming that the meeting will be cancelled or at least delayed. But I picked up newspaper and as usual it is filled with articles about black money, corruption and stress management and its effects on health. I was surprised to know that I am stressed but unaware of it. Just when I finished reading the article and about to leave, the boss walked in. I looked at boss through the space between my eye brows and reading glasses grunting in mind my breakfast order. I left my glasses hanging around my neck for th…
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Basic Life Sense

I always thought of starting my own Earth moving equipment business. My idea is very simple. I raise capital somehow and then start leasing out the equipment. Business is all about making money work. One should always keep in mind that business might make you rich but not necessarily fulfill your potential as an engineering graduate (I am one). The business itself might not be as glamorous as a less paying reputable job. You might be aware of the famous samosa forward in whats app.
           For example, take my own business idea of Earth moving equipment. I have to calculate a lot of things in prior to get the number of trips and the charge per trip in order to make profit. Assuming everything goes well and I get a lot of money on every trip but in the end I will be the guy who leases out some jumbo monster trucks but the thing I like is to drive them, anyway that’s another story. Once the money flows in making it work is another task. For that you invest the money on ne…

Random story 4

I have been on the planet for 21 years. I never knew from where I came. I was told by my guardians that I was found in a garbage bin. Reggolb and Letsac are my friends with whom I spent my entire childhood. I met Reggolb when I was six year old. I found Reggolb left for dead on the street. I stitched Reggolb myself and gave it life with a battery on one of my birthdays when I got it as a present. Reggolb is funny but it always Letsac. Letsac is my landlord's dog. My landlord is very rich in land space but very poor at heart space. So, Letsac always want to stay at our house. Letsac is never allowed to sit in the car. He has to run all the wat following the car. I offer him water, while my guardian offers landlord liquid cash. Letsac is very friendly with me. We three started on a bike trip to planet Pluto. While me and Letsac are at controls, Reggolb's battery is dead. Letsac ran to catch Toby from fallin down. I am watching Letsac storming towards Reggolb and lost in thought…

Random story 3

Passing by the cafeteria I observed that there is a change in the menu size. They added two new cram cakes with cheese toppings. Despite the doctor's suggestion to have regulated diet to prevent sudden surge in diabetes, I went in to console my lonely sick tiresome life. I had a cake thinking of my fear of loosing my family due to my poor work life balance and I hope at least my colleagues like me instead of being jealous and envying me.

Random story 2

When I first heard of the idea of floating magnetic beds, I was surprised. I asked my dear friend and my current boss what's the use of something like that. Boss explained everything about beds and magnetism. That very day we realized the markets for it. I said to boss we are going to revolutionize the bed industry forever. It's like a big leap from crawling to running by skipping walking. Two years later here we are celebrating our second million dollar sale and honored to be the best startup of the year. I now handover the stage to  my dear friend and my boss.

Random one line stories

Jennie slammed door in John's face because it peed on sofa yet again!The plane crashed because the kid fell down and the remote broke.Paul read his wife's diary and discovered that its written for him to read.Victoria pulled at the window but she is trapped now as she has no escape from the rogue wave.Patrick looked over the bridge and surprised by the traffic jam in sea.Radha wept beacuse she might be hungry.Sanjeev and Rani took their first steps towards freedom.Sanjeev and Rani took their first steps towards Freedom.Jagdeesh looked down the bottle and found a dead fly in itThe Sun went in and Sonia went to bed forever.Her arms ached but she couldn't stop swimming because she is drowning in the middle of Pacific ocean in her dream.

Random strory 1

It's second week since I took janitor job at this guest house. I opened the first room and disgusted by the smell of wet towels and the floor is sticky and damp at few spots. The besdsheets are running down the bed. As I walked between the two beds I stumbled upon an empty wine bottle. It caught my memory of the last time I got drunk. Every time I get drunk it feels good till the time I wake up. Next day will be wasted with headache and hangover. Looks like they had a party last night but no ones there complaining a hangover. Anyway as I tried to take the bottle it slipped and rolled down the bed and I heard a kink sound. I looked underneath the bed and found a plate of food covered with and around with crumbs of meat and peas. I tried reaching out for the plate but couldn't so I went the other way and dragged it out. As I dragged it out the food completely spilled all along the floor and plate broke to pieces. Everything turned scary when I found red color stains on the plat…